Our story

EcoAdvisors provides strategic advisory services to clients seeking to be at the cutting edge of sustainability; appropriately caring for the planet and its people.

Created for impact, EcoAdvisors was born from the recognition that sustainability is multi-faceted and requires a diversity of perspectives to create enduring solutions. Philanthropy alone will not achieve the necessary scale, and corporate solutions are often too far removed from on-ground sustainability results. We bring these worlds together – helping you give well and live well – to achieve greater impact.

Established in 2012, EcoAdvisors is a Certified B Corporation that serves at the interface between those capable of resourcing impact and people who deliver impact on the ground. We have the tools to help articulate your values, seek and vet opportunities, develop projects and programs, oversee implementation and ensure success in the short-, medium- and long-term. We also have experience working with hundreds of sustainability projects and partners in all parts of the world. EcoAdvisors works with public-, private-, and voluntary-sector clients on sustainability issues with an emphasis on long-term financing, good governance and enduring results at project and organizational levels.


EcoAdvisors sees a sustainable future where doing good helps an organization do well. We work across sectors and with any entity wishing to improve – in fact, improvement is our driving measure. In all our engagements we first seek to understand your sustainability aspirations, then assess where you are, develop a plan for improvement, and track progress along the way. The same approach applies for leading philanthropies, non-profits and companies to those with greater risks. If you are seeking improvements in sustainability, EcoAdvisors has the experience, tools and network to help you succeed.


To help create a world where economic, social and environmental sustainability can co-exist and thrive, with a specific focus supporting and learning from the rural poor and indigenous peoples – those most directly affected by and most able to respond to environmental degradation.

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