Dr. Eduard Niesten

Eddy’s work and research concentrate on comparing the effectiveness of different conservation approaches, with a particular interest in direct incentives and sustainable finance. Trained as an economist, Eddy leads financial planning, cost modeling, business planning and benefits sharing at EcoAdvisors. He previously spent 14 years at Conservation International where he focused on designing, implementing and evaluating incentive-based interventions in more than 20 countries throughout the tropics. As Senior Director of Conservation International’s Conservation Stewards Program, he oversaw a portfolio of more than 50 projects around the globe that pursue compensation-based conservation with local communities in developing countries, in contexts varying from private to public to communal property rights and tropical to semi-arid to marine environments. Strategies for ensuring long-term viability of these initiatives include dedicated trust funds, targeted government programs for conservation and poverty alleviation, and sustainable nature-based enterprise. Before joining CI, Eddy worked with Hardner & Gullison Associates, principally on project identification and assessment. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Stanford University in 1998.

Eduard Niesten

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