Matthew McHenry

Matt is a business account specialist with core expertise in healthcare and sustainability. At EcoAdvisors, he leads business development and client relationship management in Atlantic Canada. He brings 15 years of experience in B2B account management and as a trusted advisor to major corporate partners. Matt previously worked to improve the standard of care available to the people of Nova Scotia. He worked with a neonatal team to streamline the preparation of critical nutrients and reduce packaging waste by 66%, which not only improved care, but also aligned with his clients waste reduction goals and cost improvement measures. Matt has also managed the implementation of new gastrointestinal technology across two provinces benefiting thousands of medical professionals and over three hundred thousand patients. Through his work, Matt has gained perspective on the impact of high-level decisions to both the economy and our people.

Matt has a BSc in Biology from St. Francis Xavier University. He pioneered a joint Biology and Business program that has continued to shape the way new science graduates view the business world: a healthy, sustainable environment is good for business.

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