Our services

We are designed to be your concierge between capital and impact: a network of senior professionals with international experience in over 65 countries, EcoAdvisors helps to formulate and implement investment, operational and philanthropic sustainability solutions across sectors.

With expertise in technical, operational, financial, risk management, governance, communications and legal aspects for long-term sustainability success, our services include:

  • Designing robust and well-managed sustainability programs with good project management, governance, oversight and impact
  • Leveraging non-traditional resources for conservation and development through innovative economic models
  • Establishing well-governed and sustained revenue streams for financing successful and impactful action
  • Creating sustainability strategies that align with organizational values to increase shareholder value and employee retention
  • Facilitating operational principles that add business and sustainability value
  • Designing conservation and climate change policy, practice and governance
  • Designing impact funds, ESG screening, SME pipeline development
  • Identifying and conducting diligence for impactful private investments
  • Designing tools for investors that identify profitable and impactful options
  • Developing and providing oversight for conservation projects and programs
  • Evaluating sustainability projects & programs
  • Marketing and communications for sustainability


EcoAdvisors values sustainability impact above everything and we target business opportunities to improve social and environmental outcomes. This means that we work with a wide variety of clients and look to bolster operational and philanthropic practices that generate positive, quantifiable results; we conduct our own operations in adherence to ESG best practices; and, we give back 10% of our revenue to support others promoting positive impact.

Our company

We try to minimize our operational impact by:

  • reducing air travel and other emission as much as feasible and offsetting any residual scope 1 and scope 2 emissions through forest carbon programs
  • implementing recycling, hazardous waste disposal and responsible sourcing guidelines for all employees and contractors
  • screening contractors for anti-corruption, social and environmental safeguards


We donate 10% of our time and revenue to charitable causes. This year, we supported:

  • Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy with pro bono consulting services
  • Conservation International, UNB, MSF and the Chordoma Foundation with financial contributions
Since 2014 our business model and alignment with our values has been recognized and certified as a B Corp.

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