Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape (ETPS)

Since 2004, the Walton Family Foundation (WFF) has been supporting Conservation International and partners to protect the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape (ETPS). Known as the ‘Serengeti of the Seas’ for the large marine animals it hosts, the ETPS inspires us globally and supports over 5M people locally. It is an expanse of nearly 2 million square kilometers of ocean spread across Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica and includes the majestic oceanic islands of Cocos, Coiba, Gorgona, Malpelo and Galapagos. These, along with a network of coastal sites make up a protected core from which a sustainable seascape – with sustainable economic development – can be created and maintained.

EcoAdvisors has been working in the ETPS since 2012, helping to transition from idea of a seascape to a sustainable future. Our primary client is the Walton Family Foundation, who is committed to securing long-term financing for the core network of marine protected areas. We also work with Conservation International and their partners, including national environmental funds, to help secure management, and structure and leverage funds for long-term conservation success. Our role has spanned facilitator – of processes and systems, translator – between organizations and sectors, builder – of enduring structures and governance mechanisms, mobilizer – of leveraged resources, communicator – of value and success, and innovator – of new revenue streams to support lasting conservation. After helping secure long-term financing commitments in Colombia and Ecuador we now represent our client on respective boards to help ensure enduring conservation successes in these critical places.

Our collective goal is to secure over 4Mha under protection and leverage appropriate additional resources for long-term sustainable management.

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