Our work

Increasing the amount & longevity of financing for conservation and sustainable development.

EcoAdvisors believes that sustainability is critical for growth, resilience and fulfillment and that this holds true for companies, communities and our future on the planet. Our services align with your values, from helping you articulate what you want to achieve to walking you down the path toward long-term impact.

We are currently engaged in:

  • Corporate philanthropy

Ensuring that sustainability programs (conservation, community, land) are business aligned and best-in-class.

  • Operational sustainability excellence

Articulating, measuring and improving sustainability values to enhance business value.

  • Protected areas financing and conservation trust fund design

Leveraging, directing and structuring appropriate amounts of capital to important places through the right institutions.

  • Compensation, offsets and IFC PS6 compliance

Understanding negative effects of extraction, avoiding or minimizing these, and compensating remaining impacts.

  • Impact investing

Creating sustainable supply chains through efficient, available and affordable capital for the people who need it.


To date EcoAdvisors has helped direct over U$2.8B enduring environmental results through biodiversity offsets, payments for ecosystem services, REDD+, corporate operations, financial sector transactions and conservation trust funds. This has led to the long-term viability of 25 protected areas covering over 15M hectares; securing 4Gt of forest carbon; supporting 100s of sustainable business models; and, benefiting 1.5M people through livelihood generation and community programs. In addition, the firm has developed tools for and directed sustainable investing influencing several billion in private capital.

  • Green economic development

Including natural capital in key decisions, regulations and policy at local, sub-national and national scales.

  • Strategy development

Developing robust sustainability programs that are values aligned and have lasting benefit.

  • Project and program evaluation

Documenting progress and evaluating impact to understand what went well, what went wrong, and why.

  • Mentorship and training

Learning from and educating the next generation to deepen partnerships for sustainable development.

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