Corporate Operational

World-leading operational sustainability solutions across sectors at each step of the value chain.

There are means and incentives for companies to leave a positive legacy in places where they operate. EcoAdvisors works with clients to identify and maximize opportunities to do good (for people and the planet) while doing well (for profit). We support biodiversity and carbon offset strategies; corporate sustainability policies; land, water and GHG management; and philanthropic programs.

Our services include:

  • Environmental assessments to understand potential positive and negative impacts on species, habitats and ecosystem services
  • Stakeholder and community engagement to ensure relevance and buy-in
  • Strategies to maximize positive and minimize negative environmental impact
  • Residual impact quantification
  • Offset identification in space and time to leave a neutral or positive legacy
  • Conservation management needs assessments & developing local management capacity
  • Organizational values identification and sustainability tracking
  • Long-term financing and management to ensure lasting conservation in perpetuity

EcoAdvisors conducts all of this work in close partnership with our clients and using a rights-based approach with associated communities and stakeholders.


Links to our work and partners

BHP Billiton sustainability report

ICMM biodiversity assessment guidance

BHP Billiton Foundation


Project Examples:

  • For BHP Billiton Petroleum, supporting the development and execution of philanthropic environmental investments.
  • For BHP Billiton Copper, supporting the development and execution of compensatory actions.
  • For BHP Billiton (Group and various Businesses), strategic guidance for offset design and implementation at mine sites in select geographies.
  • For the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM),providing expert review on environmental guidance documents pertaining to biodiversity assessment and the mitigation hierarchy.
  • For Inmet Mining’s Cobre Panamaproject, support for the design and implementation of a biodiversity action plan for terrestrial and marine/coastal habitats in compliance with IFC Performance Standard 6.
  • For Barrick Gold, identification of key biodiversity values for a project in Africa to target a biodiversity action plan and ESIA in order to achieve compliance with IFC Performance Standard 6.
  • For Barrick Gold, assessment of partners to implement conservation and fund administration activities to support conservation in the long term for sites in the Caribbean.

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