Financial Sector &
Impact Funds

Driving investment and creating financial products for profit, people and the planet.

Investment options that are both profitable and impactful are inherently sustainable and provide a way to achieve sustainability at scale. EcoAdvisors works with clients and partners to structure finance, screen investments and create social and environmental impact all while generating competitive returns. We work to manage risk and meet financial targets while increasing flows of capital to sustainability.

Our services include:

  • Supporting the design of loan agreements with financial incentives for good practices
  • Providing sector specific positive & negative screening tools for ESG
  • Advising family offices on mission aligned investment strategies
  • Designing impact due diligence for triple bottom line funds
  • Advising on generating and evaluating social and environmental return through impact portfolios
  • Developing large-scale projects for development banks
  • Providing oversight and governance to ensure long-term success

Links to our work and partners

Global Environment Facility Fund


Project Examples:

  • For various Family Offices, integrating impact through portfolio investment decisions
  • For Finance in Motion, supporting the development and evaluation of impact screening tools for fund investments.
  • For Conservation International’s GCF Implementing Agency, preparing a project preparation proposal for Cambodia to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund
  • For Conservation International’s GEF Implementing Agency, reviewing project documentation for an impact investment facility

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