Protected Areas &
Trust Fund Design

Strengthening management and financing to achieve robust and lasting conservation.

Protecting places is good for conservation and the climate; ensuring their durability is even better. EcoAdvisors works with clients and partners to design well-managed, efficiently run and sufficiently financed protected areas. We provide  full-service solutions so we don’t lose what we love today and help future generations enjoy the same while keeping climate change at bay.

Our services include:

  • Prioritizing and selecting important areas for protection
  • Understanding and addressing threats and opportunities at site and network scales
  • Building management capacity for immediate and long-term needs
  • Supporting management, financial, and business planning
  • Structuring long-term financing
  • Mobilizing resources
  • Designing long-term governance, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Providing oversight and governance to ensure long-term success

Links to our work and partners

Valdivian Coastal Reserve

VCR Initial Press Release

Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape

Global Conservation Fund

VCR video


Project Examples:

  • For Conservation International and the GEF, assisting on the development of protected areas in Liberia.
  • For the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, sitting on the advisory board of the long-term endowment.
  • For Conservation International, supporting the development of long-term financing for 14 marine protected areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape (ETPS).
  • For Conservation International, providing strategic guidance, fundraising and partnership support for the Global Conservation Fund (GCF).
  • For the Walton Family Foundation, supporting the development of conservation trust funds to support the long-term financing of marine protected areas in Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.
  • For the Walton Family Foundation, supporting the transition of funding from sinking funds to endowment and long-term financing for sites in the Birdshead Seascape in West Papua, Indonesia.
  • For the Global Environment Facility, provided review of all conservation trust fund (CTF) investments, and analysis & recommendations for GEF6.

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