Strategy Support &
Partnership Development

Building robust, multi-partner sustainability programs for impact and lasting benefit.

The challenges of securing a sustainable future require us to work efficiently and collectively. EcoAdvisors brings clients and partners together to develop mission aligned, impactful strategies with well-managed systems, monitoring and evaluation. We specialize in creating and strengthening partnerships between non-traditional, complementary allies.

Our services include:

  • Program design, management, oversight and evaluation
  • Developing thoughtful and pragmatic standards, diligence, tools and processes
  • Creating mission aligned programs and linking with impactful solutions on the ground
  • Understanding tenure, rights, and market potential for environmental assets
  • Establishing and nurturing innovative partnerships to advance sustainability
  • Developing plans for engagement, human rights, communications and marketing

Links to our work and partners

BHP Billiton Foundation Environmental Resilience

Conservation International – BHP Billiton Global Alliance

BHP Billiton Biodiversity and Land Management

ICFC corporate engagements

SPC RESCCUE partnership


Project Examples:

  • For the BHP Billiton Foundation, assisting with the implementation of the Environmental Resilience Global Signature Program
  • For SPC, exploring opportunities provided by private land tenure as innovative measures to protected ecosystems and the services they provide to the Pacific people
  • For Conservation International’s Conservation Stewards Program, designing a training toolkit for the Conservation Agreements model
  • For World Wildlife Fund, assisting with the development of monitoring, evaluation and learning framework from international best practices
  • For the International Conservation Fund of Canada, developing corporate engagement and due diligence policies
  • For NewCourse, providing strategic guidance to include gender in marine conservation project planning and implementation for global application with data gathered from Aceh province, Indonesia
  • For Conservation International, supporting the partnership with BHP Billiton in all program areas including: 1) Conservation projects; 2) Compensatory actions; 3) Area of impact; and, 4)Climate change and land-based carbon

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