BHP Foundation

BHP has committed to contributing 1% of pre-tax earnings to legacy projects for people and the environment. This commitment is above and beyond any regulatory requirements or voluntary corporate standards.

Since 2010, EcoAdvisors’ consultants have been working with BHP to shape environmental programming, identify project opportunities and provide oversight for successful project implementation. More recently, EcoAdvisors and partners helped the BHP Foundation to articulate the Environmental Resilience Global Signature Program; an effort focused on addressing global environmental issues with innovative and long-term solutions. EcoAdvisors is helping the Foundation through the portfolio development process, providing oversight and technical support to project proponents through project definition and execution. Our role spans strategic advisor – to the Foundation and project proponents, liaison  – between ambition and impact, and trusted partner – to ensure impactful projects and portfolio over time.

Our collective goal is to ensure environmental resilience through the development of a portfolio of innovative, long-term and high-impact projects.

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